Hands-on inspiration: adapting vintage-lettering

An evening with Lucy GIller and Chris Campe

Advertisements, packaging and posters – it’s easy to get lost in the lettering of the past. Loving vintage lettering is one thing, but how can you use it as a practical source of inspiration?

Over the course of an evening we will show you how you can adapt historical lettering templates in your own designs. First we’ll analyse examples of vintage lettering – which decorative elements define the style? What layouts are used and how is hierarchy defined? What colours are characteristic of the era? Then you’ll adapt the layout and lettering styles to give your design a modern touch.

The event will begin with one hour of input from the hosts and then you’ll have time for discussions, sketching, skill sharing and feedback.

Please bring your own pencils and paper or sketchbooks

Tuesday, 26th March, from 19:00 until 21:30
Seminarraum Wien, Rienößlgasse 3/2, A-1040 Wien

Cost 40 Euro, plus MwSt
To register, please send a mail to

Please note This event is not designed as a beginners introduction to lettering and is better suited to people that already have some lettering experience